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Cerakote Certified!


Looking to refinish an old firearm or just want to personalize it for yourself or a loved one? We have you covered. 
If you are not familiar with it, check out their website for more info
Here are some links to comparisons between Cerakote and other finishes along with a full corrosion comparison.
Scroll down for the basic price list or click on the following link to download a copy. 
- Basic Cerakote Price Sheet


Pricing does not reflect any disassembly/reassembly (gunsmith) work.

Most materials can be painted except rubber. Non-firearm items can also be done.

      - Pricing may need to be adjusted. If your quote is different, you will be notified beforehand.

      - If the color you request is not on hand, additional lead time is needed to acquire said color.


1. Single Color – Standard Main Pieces - $50/per

      Each standard size main piece. Price is for one standard color.

            a. Examples: pistol slide, frame, AR style lower, upper, hand guard, stock, barrel, etc.

            b. Some pieces may cost more due to the intricacy of the part itself and or overall size.

                  *Multiple piece stocks, barreled receivers, hand guards, two-piece receivers, etc.  


2. Two – Four Color – Standard Main Pieces - $125/per

      Patterns and camo’s that are 2-4 colors. BDU and other camo’s, animal print, worn/aged, etc.

            a. Price is for one piece and pattern/design. Multiple pieces done at the same time are discounted.

                  - Discount of $25 applies to every additional main piece. Example: 3 pieces ($125+100+100)

            b. Any patterns not readily available and or require design work will incur a design fee.

            c. Color-fill of difficult areas or areas requiring excess taping may incur and additional fee.


3. Custom Colors & Multi-Stage Colors - $75-$100/per

      Estimate is per main piece but can differ based on actual request.

      Custom colors and multi-stage colors like color-shift, candy, etc. vary in time as such pricing will vary.

     a. Price will vary on the color/end color(s) and the total number of pieces.

     b. Multiple stages including clear coat will create a thicker overall exterior coating. Please keep this in mind when deciding on your finish.

*Color-matching is not guaranteed as every color is slightly different every time it is completed.

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