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FFL License is considered an "07/02" which means we are a Class 3 Manufacturer

Standard Procedures

If you would like to purchase your firearm from another company and have it shipped to us, please email us at or message us on our Facebook page so we can send a copy of our FFL to the Seller/Shipper.


Our fee is $35 for the first serialized item. If there are additional on the same transaction, an additional $5 per serialized item  with a max of four.

*Transfers from us to another FFL will be charged $35 for the transfer fee, the actual shipping costs through FedEx Ground with signature confirmation and insurance. Handguns/Pistols must ship Two-Day Air. Boxes, bags, packing material, etc. will be extra.


Valid TX ID or TX DL  and/or Valid TX CHL/LTC

  • If your address is incorrect on the above identification, it is NOT VALID.

For Military/Service Members who DO NOT have a Valid TX ID/DL/CHL you will need to bring all of the following:

  • Copy of your Active Duty Orders assigning you to Fort Hood/Texas

  • Valid Military ID

  • Valid DL

  • Address Verification Document. EX: (Utility Bill, Electric Bill, Car Insurance, etc.)

If you do not have a Valid Texas CHL/LTC, with the documentation above, we will enter your information into the system for your background check.

Sometimes the background check will come back immediately and sometimes it will not. This is out of our control and is not an often occurrence except during this current COVID-19 crisis.

* We WILL NOT ship to California.

  • Shipping for a pistol is on average $45-85 as they go 2-Day Air

  • Shipping on a rifle is on average $55-95

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