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CDF Refinishing Form
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Basic Pricing


stippling is a gun modification used by gunsmiths to convert an otherwise slick, factory stock grip into one with dimples, dots, ridges and other formations to add or subtract texture based on the individuals hand. View stippling diagram and examples below.

Pricing will vary especially with the many different options with Custom Cerakote Mixes or KG Gunkote. Call us with any questions you may have at 254-218-4214 or 408-597-4867.


  • $125 – Basic Stippling Base Price: Ex: Small Dot, Standard, Micro, etc. Includes slight frame reduction; OEM texture to create a smooth surface, high points, etc.

  • $75 – Full Frame Reduction: Ex: Removal of finger grooves, in addition to the above, etc.

  • $120 – Hard Outline: The “Hard Outline can either be a “channel” look or can be done deeper than the “basic” allowing a deep recessed look which really brings out the overall design/pattern of the framework. The recessed look is the most popular.

  • $40 – Single Trigger Guard Undercut: Most commonly done to allow a higher grip and better overall feel.

  • $40 – Support Hand Undercut Only: Most commonly done to give the support hand better placement/control.

  • $65 – Double Trigger Guard Undercut: The double undercut gives you both of the above options. Better overall feel and support hand placement.

  • $15 – 40 Polishing the Undercut(s) and/or Stippling: Mainly to completely smooth out the undercut and have a nice smooth and shiny finish. Stippling under the Second Undercut can help with the assist hand traction.

  • $85 – Molding Beaver-tail: If your frame is capable of accepting a beaver-tail, molding the beaver-tail section to the rear of the frame can create a total different feel overall due to the longer length of the frame and more surface area for your hand to grab and for most, makes the pistol frame feel more comfortable/natural.

  • $35 – Magazine Release Relief Cut: Allows for easier reach/push on magazine release button. Gen 3 and below only.

  • $45 – Shooters Cut/Stipple: Straight or angle edge for support hand. Price is per side. Doing both is $10 cheaper.

  • $150-$275 – Laser Stippling: 

  • Pricing will vary depending on the design time, the design itself, the work to prep the frame for the laser, etc.
    *We outsource this option so please inquire about any specifics through email.

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