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Lengthen your barrel

Pin & Weld Service
$60 - 90

Need a muzzle device pin and welded to your barrel shorter than 16 inches? We offer an in-house pin and weld service to make that happen along with other welding services based off your request. 

Pin and Welding - Barrel Length Requirement

Is your rifle barrel is less than sixteen inches long in length, by ATF/NFA requirements, having it installed on any rifle would create a short barrel rifle. (Except when properly installed per ATF/NFA requirements, on an AR Pistol.) 

One method mentioned to meet this requirement is to pin and well your muzzle device on your barrel so that it is permanently attached, thus extended the actual length of the barrel by adding the length of the muzzle device.

"Permanent methods of attachment include full-fusion gas or electric steel-seam welding, high-temperature (1100°F) silver soldering, or blind pinning with the pin head welded over."

- ATF E-Publication 5320.8 Revised: April 2009

Be aware that all muzzle devices are different in length and the correct length when combined with the barrel, must be equal or greater than sixteen inches. 

Cost and Timeframe


Standard: $45 - 65

Does not include muzzle device or any extensive work to remove the old muzzle device, if any, disassemble any parts needed to complete the service, or anything that adds more unaccounted for time. 

Rush Fee: $85 - 200

The rush fee allows you to surpass the "first in first out" method of our services and depending on how quick the turnover request is, be prepared to pay more. No exceptions. 

Current Lead time

Average current lead time as of Jan 2023 is 14-21 days. 



Please provide as much information as possible when contacting us. 

  • Barrel length

  • Barrel manufacturer

  • Barrel Caliber

  • Muzzle device name and manufacturer

  • If utilizing a suppressor compatible, which suppressor/mount will you be using? 

  • Do you already have your hand guard? 

  • Do you have your gas block and gas tube? 

  • Do you want it dimpled where the welding is done? 

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